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Public Speaking

This coaching meets the exclusive needs of decision-makers seeking assurance in making optimal decisions at all times.


It is also designed for individuals facing critical career choices or major life transitions. 

It offers an innovative approach to decision-making, based on recent advances in neuroscience as well as on clarifying your motivations and ambitions.


"The quality of your decisions depends on the quality of your thoughts."

(Marcus Aurelius)

To ensure that leaders, executive committees, and employees make optimal decisions, it is essential to understand and experience the multiple brain mechanisms that may disrupt individual or collective thinking.


This process then requires clarifying the fundamentals of the organization and promoting the sharing of common values, vision and ambitions within teams,

accompanied by the precise statement of strategic objectives.​

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

To quickly gain trust, credibility, and authority with your target audience, it is essential to clearly articulate your value proposition.


We will first focus on the content of your messages, particularly on their structuring.

This is where the essence

of your impact lies.


Next, we will explore mastering your verbal and non-verbal communication.

"If you want me to speak  for two minutes, it will take me

three weeks of preparation.

If you want me to speak  for thirty minutes, it will take me

a week to prepare. 

If you want me to speak

for an hour, I'm ready now."

(Winston Churchill)

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